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Fact or Fiction: Debunking 5 myths about protein

The local experts at Derby Fit offer advice on the benefits of incorporating protein into your diet.

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Derby Fit’s Elite Recovery Protein can be added to different meals including smoothies.

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What exactly is protein? Simply put, protein is found throughout the body and serves the body as a fuel source and building blocks for tissue, bone, muscles, and more. The benefits of adding more protein to your diet to promote muscle growth and other health benefits isn’t a new concept. We’ve brought in Derby Fit’s Jessica and Scott Morgan to debunk some myths associated with protein (read: cut out the confusion).

Can you guess the myths vs. the truths?

Fact or Fiction: Increasing your protein intake promotes muscle growth.

This is fact. Because any physical activity causes muscle breakdown, and protein is a basic building block of those muscles, ingesting protein is so critical for muscle strength, repair, and growth. The larger the muscle, the more protein is required.

Fact or Fiction: Adding extra protein to your diet will slow down your metabolism.

This is fiction. Research shows increasing protein in your diet can significantly boost your metabolism. Read: It helps burn more calories.

A woman sits on a yoga mat mixing a protein shake

Keep Derby Fit’s Elite Protein Powder on hand for post-workout recovery.

Photo by Derby Fit

Fact or Fiction: You should only add protein to your diet if you’re an athlete or someone who consistently works out.

This is fiction. Whether you’re training for a marathon or prefer a casual stroll, almost anyone can benefit from a protein powder supplement, like Derby Fit’s Elite Recovery Protein powder. It’s convenient, healthy, and contains natural foods to supplement your diet.

Fact or Fiction: Adding protein to a meal can make you feel satiated more quickly and eat less.

This is fact. Research has found that out of the macronutrients — carbs, protein, and fats — protein is the most filling. By adding protein powder to a mid-afternoon smoothie, you’ll feel less hungry in between meals and possibly feel fuller going into the next meal.

Fact or Fiction: You should only drink protein shakes before a workout, not after.

This is fiction. Taking in a simple form of protein within 15-30 minutes of completing a workout can increase muscle repair, decrease inflammation and prevent cramps.

Interested in starting your own protein journey? Enter: Derby Fit’s Elite Recovery Protein, a plant-based protein with mushrooms, vegetables, tart cherry extract, beetroot powder, a probiotic, B vitamins, and electrolytes. It helps increase natural energy, build muscle, decrease appetite, decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, and improve digestive health.

This low-calorie, high-protein option can be taken as a post-workout drink or snack or on non-workout days to increase protein intake.

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