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Meet the husband-and-wife team behind Derby Fit

The local wellness brand designs nutrition supplements that provide various health benefits (and taste good).

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Scott and Jessica Morgan standing with their two sons sitting in the middle on a kitchen island

Scott and Jessica enjoy educating their children about what a healthy lifestyle looks like.

Photo provided by Derby Fit

For Louisvillians Jessica and Scott Morgan, staying active and healthy means participating in triathlons, ultramarathons (read: 100-mile races), mountain biking, strength training, and snowboarding. Early in their fitness journey, the couple realized that nutrition was vital to sustaining their fitness-focused lifestyle and continuing their success as athletes — it also helped them feel their best in everyday life.

Scott and Jessica Morgan workout_Derby Fit_LOU

After starting their healthy journeys, Scott and Jessica Morgan realized focusing on their health was important for a good quality of life.

Photo provided by Derby Fit

After years of trying different nutrition supplements to support their active lifestyle, the duo thought there had to be a better, healthier alternative to what was currently available. They decided to develop their own brand of nutrition supplements leaving out unnecessary fillers, artificial sweeteners, and dyes — and Derby Fit was launched in 2022.

Jessica and Scott have 21+ years of higher education under their belts and understand the physiologic importance of proper nutrition. Jessica grew up on a farm in rural Georgia, decided to focus on higher education, and became a pharmacist. Scott joined special operations after 9/11, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan for four deployments as an Army Ranger. He got his EMT certification during his time in the military, discovered his passion for medicine, and is now a physician.

Fast forward to today, and Derby Fit’s first product is Elite Recovery Protein, a plant-based protein with mushrooms, vegetables, tart cherry extract, beetroot powder, and a probiotic. It helps increase natural energy, build muscle, decrease appetite, decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, and improve digestive health. This low-calorie, high-protein option can be taken as a post-workout drink or snack or on non-workout days to increase protein intake.

A woman sits on a kitchen island with a man sitting next to her

The combination of Elite Recovery Protein’s ingredients help improve your energy, digestion, fitness, and recovery.

Photo provided by Derby Fit

As Jessica and Scott have integrated nutrition and fitness into their daily lives, they want to help others find that balance in their own lives. Derby Fit supplements are designed to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals — whatever they look like — in a simple and successful way.

Derby Fit is currently offering 10% off first orders. Simply sign up for their newsletter to snag the deal. Bonus: Readers who answer our survey below and opt-in to receive email promotions from Derby Fit will be entered into a giveaway, in which one winner will win one bottle of protein and one shaker bottle.

Want to keep up with Jessica and Scott? Follow them on Instagram for fitness and nutrition tips + tricks, recipes, and more. (Read: See their journey as they head to Spain this year to compete in the World Triathlon Multisport Championships for Team USA.)

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