The art of snow plowing

Meet the Metro Snow Team and their artful plows.

LOUtoday_Metro Snow Team

Photo by Louisville Metro Public Works

The first flurries of the season were spotted earlier this week, and the Metro Snow Team is two steps ahead of old Jack Frost. The operation has been practicing runs on the city’s snow routes since October.

While practice makes perfect, a few of the snow plows will get additional help clearing the roads this snow season from a shark, a panther, and a famous reindeer — we think you know which one.

Last month, JCPS students from Greenwood, Maupin, and Stopher elementary schools painted designs across three 10-ft-long plows, which will be featured in the Lots of Lights Parade tomorrow in downtown LOU.

Salvador Melendez, Metro Public Works’ Communication Specialist, said they provided the schools with all the necessary materials for the project, and “the kids provided their time and talent.”

After the parade, the colorful plows will wait to be deployed for the first winter weather event of the 2023-2024 season.

Get to know the team:

  • The Metro Snow Team is led by Metro Public Works and is made up of multiple government departments, totaling over 300 snow fighters.
  • Louisville has ~38,000 tons of salt on hand. Fun fact: Most of this salt is stored underground in the Louisville Mega Cavern.
  • A total of 2,734 two-lane miles make up the city’s 110 snow routes.
  • Over 100 pieces of equipment — from smaller utility trucks to giant fleets — contribute to the snow-fighting efforts.
  • There are four road treatment stages the team employs based on conditions.

Stay informed on the movements of the Metro Snow Team during inclement weather via this real-time interactive map that details the status of the roads. It takes three seconds to bookmark.