Everything you need to know about recycling in Louisville

There are plenty of ways to be a bit ‘greener’ in Derby City.


New recycling bins with blue lids were rolled out in 2021.

Photo by LOUtoday

We all grew up hearing about the “three Rs” — reduce, reuse, recycle — but following that age-old advice is often easier said than done.

So we’ve got the pro tips you need to become a recycling wizard in Derby City.

Fun fact: Louisville recycles 10,000 tons of cardboard per month. Find out where your cardboard and other recycling ends up.

♻️ Where do I place recyclables?

If you live in the Urban Services District, the city will give you your first recycling bin for free. And, there’s no need to sort items before placing them in your bin. If you’re located outside the district, look into private recycling services.

♻️ Do’s + Don’ts

  • Do: Recycle paper, plastic, glass, metal and empty food + beverage cartons.Check out the full list of accepted items.
  • Don’t: Include batteries, oil or lead based paint, or other hazardous materials. Learn how to properly dispose of those items.
  • Do: Use Louisville Metro’s Recycle Coach app if your unsure on recyclable items to make sure you’re not contaminating.
  • Do: Know when to kick pull your recycling bin to the curb.Pickup is bi-weekly, but the day of the week depends on your neighborhood.

♻️ Where to go

If you can’t wait until your pickup day, there are 17 total drop-off locations around town.

Just remember, Louisvillians, when it comes to recycling in Derby City the power is yours.