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What to do with hard to dispose items in Louisville, KY


Photo by LOUtoday

Taking out the garbage and recycling plastic and cardboard is a no-brainer, but when it comes to questionable items like batteries, spray paint, household chemicals (like freon and fertilizers) + furniture, knowing how to dispose of them properly isn’t always as easy. Does anyone else have a small family of cleaning sprays living in the back of a kitchen cabinet or is that just us?

That’s why we’re going to spend a little time this morning giving you the tools to know what to do in the 502 when it comes to hard-to-dispose items.

✅ Do

  • Drop off unwanted items from this list to the Haz Bin at 7501 Grade Ln. off of Outer Loop Tues.-Sat., 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Get a personalized waste calendar and learn what goes where from Metro’s Recycle Coach app — “We’ve been taught to recycle. Now it’s time to learn to recycle correctly.”
  • Brush up on garbage, recycling + yard waste. DYK: You can recycle foil take-out containers.
  • Visit one of Public Works’ Pop-Up Drop-Off events to dispose of electronics, passenger tires + furniture — the next one is Sat., July 16 at Shawnee Park.

🛑 Don’t

  • Put items from that same list above in the trash
  • Drop off ammunition, expired medication, or latex paint
  • Dump items on roads or alleyways or you’ll end up here

Bonus: Feeling like a waste pro? Up your garbage game by learning how to compost at home + get a compost bin at wholesale prices.