Celebrating World Beard Day in Louisville, KY

The quirky holiday claims Danish origins.

A man stands in the wintry wilderness wearing a helmet and glasses like he's going skiing. His long, reddish-orange hair cascades down his shoulders and his big red beard is the focal point of the photo. He's wearing a maroon sweatshirt.

We asked for beards, and y’all sent us beards.

Photo by Reader Peter R.

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Glory be to a good beard. World Beard Day may have come and gone over Labor Day weekend (Sat., Sept. 3), but we’re still celebrating designer stubble in the 502.

According to WorldBeardDay.com, people have been honoring the bearded since 800 AD — there’s even a Swedish village called “Dönskborg,” where the beardless are banished to the forest for 24 hours in observation of the holiday. Though, “Dönskborg,” doesn’t appear on the map, making us question the validity of that claim.

Whether the origins of World Beard Day are fact or fiction, we love to revel in the quirkiness of a weird holiday — which is why we’re giving you three local beards + barbershops for your hair care needs.

The thousand-yard stare beard

Reader Eric W.

A man with a hat on stares into the camera with a medium-long beard and manicured mustache.

For beard care, Reader Eric W. recommends Shawn Green at Browhaus Louisville.

Photo by Reader Eric W.

Grooming recommendation: Shawn Green at Browhaus Louisville

Why it rocks: In addition to facial hair grooming, Eric said Browhaus also takes care of his haircuts. The St. Matthews-based salon also offers eyebrow shaping, waxing + lash lifts.

The brewery beard

Reader Robert F.

A man looks into the camera wearing a backward baseball cap with a long beard and a manicured mustache. Behind him are many cans of beer.

Reader Robert F. said he’s been growing out his beard for four years.

Photo by Reader Robert F.

Grooming recommendation: Jameson at Vintage Barber Co.

Why it rocks: Robert, also a brewer at TEN20 Craft Brewery,told us he’s been growing this bad boy out for the last four years. Talk about major dedication to craft beard.

The red beard

Reader Peter R.

A man stares into the camera wearing sunglasses. His long reddish-orange hair falls down to his shoulders and his long beard is a deep red.

You can find Reader Peter R. on Instagram at @gingermcpeter.

Photo by Reader Peter R.

Why it rocks: The vibrant pigment of this beard alone is enough to take us back to the Scandinavian origins of World Beard Day.

Bonus: Need more beards? Check out these beard tips from 18|18 Fine Men’s Salons in Westport Village.

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