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3 unusual things to check out from the Louisville Tool Library

You never knew you needed gargantuan scissors until now.

A garage with gray cinderblock walls has several shelves with home improvement tools and several patrons are in the garage looking to check out items.

The Louisville Tool Library has 1,000+ items in its inventory.

Photo by Louisville Tool Library

Move over Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, the Louisville Tool Library is here to steal your “Home Improvement” spotlight.

The Shelby Park neighborhood welcomed the community-based lending library (run by volunteers) back in July and since then, has accumulated 80 members and 1,000+ tools.

It operates much like you’d think — a library. Members can borrow a variety of tools on a seven-day lending cycle for free. The library’s annual memberships are donation-based and start at $120, but sliding scale options are available.

Two glass doors of the Louisville Tool Library are covered with pink, green, orange, and pink flyers requesting donations.

The Louisville Tool Library is located at 1227 Logan St. in Shelby Park.

Photo by Louisville Tool Library

Its inventory has the usual toolbox suspectsdrills, wrenches, and hammers — thanks to donations, but the library also carries everything you need to bake a cake, throw a party, or start a band. (See: springform cake pans, five-gallon glass beverage dispensers, and a Casio keyboard.)

According to founding volunteer Paul Faget, electric chainsaws and upholstery cleaners are some of the most popular checked out items, but here are three of the most interesting ones you might not expect.

🧰 Folding massage table
Yep, if you’re getting into the world of massage therapy or just want to try your hand at it, you can borrow this portable massage table + turn your living room into a spa.

🧰 Gargantuan scissors
They’re not just big, they’re really big.

🧰 Wooden washboard
Ever wondered what it was like to hand wash your clothes before the 20th century? Here’s your laundry ticket.

Honorable mention: The Golden Girls-Any Way you Slice It game

The Louisville Tool Library is located at 1227 Logan St. — three blocks from Logan Street Market – and is open Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. + Saturdays 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

And if your toolbelt is already full or overflowing, the library runs on donations, so consider Louisville Tool when you’re cleaning out the garage or downsizing. A few items on the library’s wishlist include ladders, kiddie pools + instruments.

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