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4 ways HANDS helps expecting and new parents in our community

We could all use a little support when welcoming a baby — HANDS is here to help.

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HANDS suggests different interactive activities based on a child’s age and level of development.

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Becoming a parent is an exciting transition in life, but it can also be stressful. Luckily for Kentuckians, we have the HANDS (Health Access Nurturing Development Services) program to help us navigate this new chapter.

How? We’re glad you asked. We all know how we were parented, but do you know the most up-to-date information on how to help your baby grow? HANDS is a free, voluntary in-home program that provides parents with the knowledge and support needed to safely raise a healthy child. The program is open to expecting and new parents (babies must be under 90 days old to enter the program).

Here are some of the ways HANDS offers support:

Science-based curriculum
Did you know that a child’s brain is around 80% of an adult size brain by the time they are three? Parents really are their children’s first and most important teachers. HANDS’ strength-based educational program features a curriculum based on the latest science, research, and evidence.

Baby proofing your home
HANDS offers solutions and ideas to make your home safer for your baby (think: anchoring furniture, covering outlets, and using safety gates to block access to unsafe areas).

Resources to help child development
HANDS supplies parents with the knowledge and tools they need to maximize their child’s brain development, social-emotional development, and physical development at each stage. They offer ideas for a variety of activities that you and your baby can enjoy together that can stimulate your child’s brain development. Bonus: HANDS offers developmental screenings every two months, so you can see if your child is on track or if they need additional support in a certain area.

Ongoing support
HANDS workers offer interactive home visits on a weekly basis for the first year, and the program continues supporting children’s development until the age of three. As your child grows, your trained HANDS worker can also link you to valuable community resources, as well as provide much-needed support to you as a parent.

a woman sits at a table holding a foam ball with a baby in the background

HANDS will meet you where you feel comfortable — including in your home or at a local park.

Photo provided by HANDS

HANDS isn’t just for new parents. Families of all sizes are invited to participate. Whether it’s your first child, you’re expanding your family, or welcoming a child as a single parent, HANDS has resources + tools to help navigate this exciting new chapter.

Anyone can reach out to HANDS and will be contacted to talk about the program before an in-person visit is scheduled. Call (502) 955-5668 for more details.

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Do you wish you had more support and knowledge about what to expect when your baby was born? Let us know.

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