Play Clue in real-life at Breakout Games Louisville

It was Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the ballroom.

Black framed door reads the words "Clue presented by Breakout."

Players only have one our to solve the mystery.

Photo by LOUtoday

In collaboration with Hasbro, Louisville’s Breakout Games created the first official “Clue: The Escape Room” experience — bringing the classic mystery game to life.

The life-sized board game transports you to the Boddy mansion during a dinner party hosted by the yet-to-be-murdered Mr. Boddy. Your team’s role in the story is to solve who is plotting the crime before time runs out and it’s too late.

We got the chance to play detective and spoiler alert: we’re not great detectives, so we’ll stick to the whole writing gig.

Yellow painted walls with white panelling and photo frames.

The game begins in the yellow hallway.

Photo provided by Breakout Games

The game starts in a bright yellow, paneled room with doors labeled with familiar spaces from the game board — hallway, study, and kitchen. Also on the wall is a digital version of the who, what, where notepad to eliminate suspects and their plot.

If you play the puzzles right, the mansion will reveal three more immersive rooms with unsolved mysteries to help you figure out who the murderer is by process of elimination.

We can’t give all the clues away, because where’s the fun in that. But, we will say the puzzles in the conservatory room with the garden hose, floating key, and security system were our favorites.

We may have run out of time to save Mr. Boddy, but we’re betting there’s a few of you with a better clue or two.

Game rules:

  • Players have one hour to solve the mystery
  • Unlimited hints from the game master
  • Teams of up to 8 people — 2 person minimum
  • Pricing starts at $44.99 per person with price drops for larger teams

Murder mystery not your thing? Breakout Games Louisville has eight other puzzle-solving rooms to choose from, which are all created and built from scratch — including its newest room, Wild West.

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