NuLu Bock and Wurst Fest 2023

The annual beer fest celebrates six years tomorrow.

Baby Goat at NuLu Bock and Wurst Fest

A stylish baby goat awaits its race at the 2022 NuLu Bock and Wurst Fest.

Courtesy of NuLu Bock and Wurst Fest

Spend your Saturday with us, partying with baby goats and bock beer at tomorrow’s NuLu Bock and Wurst Fest.

What in the world is bock beer, and what does it have to do with goats? We’re glad you asked.

Bock beer is a rich and malty, low-hop style of lager. It was originally brewed by German monks in the 14th century — and “bock” means goat in German. Hence, this annual festival in LOU that celebrates both.

Peep our pro tips:

  • There will be tons of food vendors, but be sure to snag some sausages from the KY Proud® Wurst Fest.
  • You need to try bock beer, obviously. But there will also be a bourbon bar and tequila shack, as well as a bunch of other local brews.
  • Don’t miss the goat races — particularly the sprint baby goat race at 1:15 p.m. LOUtoday has its very own kid competing.
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