Meet Mandey, the LOUtoday Sales Executive

This Kentucky native likes mint, Mokara Spa, and Mussel & Burger Bar.

Sales executive Mandey with her husband at Oaks 2022

Mandey and her husband are all smiles at Kentucky Oaks 2022.

Photo by LOUtoday

You know City Editors Katie and Lennie, but have you met Mandey? She’s the Sales Executive that rounds out the LOUtoday team, and today we’re getting to know her favorite places around town to eat, shop + more.

Q: Describe your perfect day in LOU in the length of a Tweet.

A: Breakfast at First Watch before heading to Churchill Downs on a beautiful, sunny day. After winning lots of money, head to Jeff Ruby or the River House patio to celebrate.

Q: You can only choose one local restaurant menu to bring with you to a deserted island — which one is it + why?

A: My current favorite is La Bodeguita De Mima. The food is outstanding and they have the best mojitos.

Q: Fill in the blank: The coolest person I’ve met in Louisville is ___________.

A: Bob Valvano. He’s incredibly smart with a heart of gold. I had the honor of working with him for a couple years and I cherish those times.

Q: What were the last three things you did downtown?

A: Ate at Mussel & Burger Bar for my friend Carsyn’s birthday (they have yummy gluten-free buns), walked through 21C museum, and then watched some pickleball at the Baird Urban Sports Park.

Q: Hit us with your favorite piece of local trivia:

A: The song “Happy Birthday” was written by two Louisville sisters, Patty and Mildred J. Hill.

Q: What’s something every new Louisvillian oughta know about?

A: Subscribe to LOUtoday, obviously. Then you can keep up with all the fun things to do around town and the need-to-know information.

Q: You’re taking someone on a date in LOU. Where are you going?

A: My husband I would say Jeff Ruby. If it’s a girlfriend, we are going to head to Mokara Spa.

Q: You’re ordering a drink from a local coffee shop or bar: What’s in it?

A: Mint — it’s my very favorite. And it’s mint julep season.

Q: Other than yourself, who would you consider to be the local expert about LOU?

A: My girls Katie + Lennie.

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