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Mayor Craig Greenberg declares May 3, 2023 Jackman Day

Jack Harlow has an official day dedicated to him in Louisville.

Gathering of people behind a wooden podium.

May 3, 2023 is now Jackman Day in Louisville.

Photo by LOUtoday

At the official dedication of Jack Harlow’s Hometown Heroes banner today, Mayor Craig Greenberg declared May 3, 2023 Jackman Day in Louisville.

Jack’s parents, Congressman Morgan McGarvey, and Governor Andy Beshear were also at the ceremony where it was also announced that Jack has moved back to Derby City.

“I cannot remember a time when someone, at least at this time, at the height of their career said they were going to move back to their home state — they were going to move back to their hometown. At a time when Jack could’ve chosen to be anywhere he wanted to be right here with us,” Governor Beshear said in a speech.

When Jack took to the podium to speak about his banner, he candidly shared that he felt pretty emotional and didn’t prepare a speech — he wanted to speak from the heart. “If someone asked me if I would rather have a GRAMMY or this, I would choose this a million times,” Jack said.