Louisville statues are getting a facelift

A conservation firm will be performing maintanance on several pieces of public art around LOU.

Concrete statue with a small statue on top.

Hogan’s Fountain is one of 10 public art pieces receiving maintenance.

Photo by LOUtoday

Ten pieces of public art around Louisville will be receiving professional conservation treatment throughout next week.

Louisville Metro Public Art has contracted with Denver-based Pacific Coast Conservation to repair the works. This is the first year the city has designated substantial funds to the conservation of public art.

Several of the artworks being treated are over a century old, including the 118-year-old Daniel Boone statue at the edge of Cherokee Park, the 125-year-old statue of Thomas Jefferson in front of Metro Hall, and the 127-year-old Wheelman’s Bench in Wayside Park.

Other pieces receiving attention include the WWII Memorial outside Metro Hall, the Benjamin Franklin statue outside the Main Library, and the Pan Statue + Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park.

See the full list of artwork being repaired.

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