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How IgLou Internet supports Louisville residents

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IgLou Article 02.15.22

IgLou’s Whole Home Internet service includes Internet service and mesh wifi devices | Photo via Pexels

Did you know? IgLou Internet Services was the first Internet provider in Louisville. (Read: All the way back when dial-up was a thing, they were hooking it up for Louisville folks.)

From convenience to cost, there are some really good reasons to go local with your Internet:

  1. Your rate stays locked in.
    As long as you keep service at your address, your rate on the day you sign up will stay the same with IgLou.
  2. All tech support and billing are done locally.
    IgLou knows the importance of community, so getting support is like talking to a neighbor.
  3. Additional services are just a click away.
    Web design + maintenance services such as developing your own website or repairing that old laptop are made easy through the help of IgLou extra services.

Ready to go local? Click here to get all the deets. 🌐 *

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