See 9 local films in 2 hours

The Louisville Film Society is showing short films on the big screen.

Rows of seats in a small movie theater with magenta curtains

The Speed Cinema is capable of screening 16mm, 35mm, and digital films.

Photo provided by Speed Art Museum

Tomorrow, Nov. 16, film buffs and movie makers will roll into the Speed Cinema for the Louisville Film Society’s Short Film Slam, a bi-annual event showcasing works by established and emerging filmmakers from Kentucky.

The two-hour event will show nine films, that are 15 minutes or less, followed by a Q+A. We took a dive into the featured films and emerged with plot descriptions that are 10 words or less to keep things “short.”

From a documentary by actor Steve Zahn about a man and a bonfire to a creepy music video for Lexington indie band Queen Aster, here’s the rundown on the flicks:

Plot in 10 words: young man, new apartment, disappearances, tension-building, new roommate, ominous

Plot in 10 words: Painter trying to make it, awkward dinner with gallery owners

“Carrots for Conrad”
Plot in 10 words: Tale of morality, man might turn into a carrot

Music video
Plot in 10 words: Whimsical and reflexive stop-motion video for Rae Monroe’s pandemic song

Plot in 10 words: Kids turn missing bus on a rainy day into adventure

“Lynn’s Fire”
Plot in 10 words: Kentucky man celebrates birthday every year with a massive bonfire

“How the Twin Towers Were Built”
Plot in 10 words: Explores legacy and construction of the World Trade Center

“Stewards of The Land”
Plot in 10 words: Sheep have a positive impact on the environment

“House on Haunted Hill”
Music video
Plot in 10 words: Black-and-white video with Southern Gothic artwork

The Short Film Slam is recommended for viewers 16+. Tickets are $8 for Speed Museum members and $12 for non-members.

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