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See 8 local films in 2 hours

The Louisville Film Society is showing short films on the big screen.

Rows of seats in a small movie theater with magenta curtains

The Speed Cinema is capable of screening 16mm, 35mm, and digital films.

Photo provided by Speed Art Museum

Get your popcorn ready. On May 23, film buffs and movie makers will roll into the Speed Cinema for the Louisville Film Society’s Short Film Slam, a bi-annual event showcasing works by filmmakers from Kentucky.

It will feature eight short films — each under 15 minutes — followed by a Q+A. To keep things short here’s each film summarized in 10 words or fewer.

“Love Letters”
Familial rift begins after older sister plans for college

“The Girl Who Faded Away”
Music video
Man meets love after passing through interdimensional portal in forest

Abused son defies father’s violence thanks to ancient entity

Buddy the Clown visits an old friend

An unexpected visitor throws autumn picnic into chaos

“She Died Too”
Seven different women go through stages of grief

“Lee Baby”
Queer couple starts family, experience being parents

“L’atelier d’Aliyah”
Textile artist works in south of France

Tickets are still available.

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