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Look inside the historic lager tunnels at Gravely Brewing Co.

Batman wished his cave was here.

The opening of two gray stone caverns in a grass covered hill.

The two tunnels open up to the first floor of the two-story deck patio overlooking LOU.

Photo by LOUtoday

Gravely Brewing Co. opened six years ago on the partial site of the historic Phoenix Brewing Co. — which in its heyday (1884-1916) was a nationally-known brewery and beer garden with an indoor velodrome.

While the former brewery is long gone, remnants of its history still lurk at this 21st century music-themed craft brewery on Baxter Avenue. Step onto the patio and you’ll peer into the mouths of two stone tunnels set into the hillside.

Opening of a stone tunnel in a grass hillside at Gravely Brewing.

The caverns are a reminder that Louisville was a major beer hub prior to bourbon.

Photo by LOUtoday

Now hollow and grass-covered, the caverns were once used to ferment lager beers by Phoenix Brewing Co. prior to refrigeration — since lager-style beers require low temps to brew + condition.

Gravely doesn’t use the tunnels to make its beers, but they still produce a variety of lagers. Try the La Bamba Mexican lager next time you visit. It’s “Corona’s cooler craft cousin.”

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