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What will happen to The Back Door’s wall?

There’s a whole lot of Louisvillians up there.

A person with a long bear stands over a glowing screen, while another person behind them sips a drink. A mural of faces sits in the background.

The mural of Louisvillians is an iconic part of The Back Door.

Photo by ATG Brewery

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name (and face).

Louisville’s nightlife scene just won’t be the same without The Back Door. The popular Highlands bar, located in Mid-City Mall, announced its permanent closure earlier this week.

In business for 39 years, The Back Door was the the site of memorable moments for many Louisvillians — and LOUtoday’s Instagram followers.

Perhaps the most iconic part of the bar was its mural-covered walls. Even if The Back Door was empty — which was rarely true when it was open — the place looked full, the walls filled with the faces of loyal customers.

The tradition started in 2007, when Back Door regular Bill Page — a painter — filled one wall with a group of familiar faces, including his own. Since then, Page has painted over 1,000 faces, filling almost every wall.

Did you know anyone up there?

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