5 frightful Louisville stories for Halloween

From the “Lady in Blue” at the Seelbach to a hidden cemetery, Derby City has its fair share of ghost stories.

Iron gate with headstones in the background.

This spooky entrace leads to a 19th century cemetery, hidden in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby on Breckenridge Lane.

Photo by LOUtoday

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Boo! Did we scare you jumping into your inbox like that?

This Halloween, we’re only giving out treats, not tricks — here’s our five most-read scary stories to tell in the dark.

The Seelbach’s “Lady in Blue”

The Seelbach Hotel dates back to 1905, and since then, more than a few things have taken a turn for the paranormal. Perhaps the spookiest, the “Lady in Blue,” who began haunting the hotel in 1936 after she fell to her death down an elevator shaft. She was wearing a blue chiffon dress, and folks say they’ve felt her presence touching their shoulders when they board the elevator.

Louisville’s Witches Tree

Old Louisville is home to lots of history, and plenty of haunts too. At Sixth Street and Park Avenue (near Central Park), a gnarly, mangled tree protrudes from the ground, adorned with trinkets and offerings. According to legend, the tree grew after witches cursed the city in 1890 when a bolt of lightning struck a stump.

St. Matthews Cemetery

If you’ve visited Springs Shopping Center on Breckenridge Lane, you’ve definitely passed a centuries-old family cemetery. Surprised, aren’t you? Perhaps the voice in your head telling you not to buy an extra candle at Bed, Bath, and Beyond wasn’t your shopping conscience after all.

Caufield’s Novelty

Fun fact: Louisville is home to the world’s largest bat — and that’s not all you’ll find at Caufield’s Novelty. The downtown costume and novelty shop has been serving up scary stuff in Louisville for over 100 years.

Legendary Monsters

Talk about nightmare fuel — Walnut Street Baptist Church is purportedly home to a “living gargoyle” known as the “Demon Leaper,” and in Bullitt County there are tales of the “Beast,” a seven-foot-tall cryptid with the head of a German shepherd and torso of a man.

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