Cemetery hidden in St. Matthews parking lot in Louisville, KY

You’ve driven past it 1,000 times and never knew it was there.

Three images rotate one of a wrought iron fence within red hedges, another of just red hedges, and the final one of a 19th century cemetery with five headstones.

You can find the cemetery at the back of the parking lot across from Shaheen’s department store.

Photo by LOUtoday

If you ever shopped at the Hobby Lobby or Home Depot on Breckenridge Lane, you’ve likely passed a 19th century graveyard and never knew it — because it’s hidden in plain sight.

Located in the parking lot of the Springs Shopping Center (994 Breckenridge Ln.) and enclosed on all four sides by tall, red hedges is the Burks Family Cemetery.

The area used to be a farm in the mid-1800s run by James Burks and his family. Their land stretched from the Breckenridge-Dutchmans area to the Avondale subdivision off of Taylorsville Road.

A tall, elegantly designed headstone monument from the 19th century has a melter purple candle on the corner of it in a burial site with other similar monuments.

Today, flowers and other gifts are still laid on the headstones.

Photo by LOUtoday

James, his wife Matilda, and their three sons are all buried in the cemetery + the style of their headstones shows that the family was wealthy.

How to visit:
Look for the blue United States Postal Service mailbox at the back of the parking lot across from Shaheen’s. A small break in the red bushes there reveals a wrought iron gate you can enter through to view the burial site.

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