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Public Works keeps Louisville ticking year round

This week, Louisville is honoring the Public Works Department that keeps the city clean and moving.

A large orange dump truck in front of a fireworks display

Louisville’s snowplows were decorated by local kids for the 2023-2024 season.

Photo by Louisville Metro

Every May, the American Public Works Association honors the thousands of public works employees during National Public Works Week. Think: Folks who work in waste management, transportation planning, road construction, traffic control, and more.

So let’s celebrate Louisville’s Department of Public Works, which performs plenty of vital services to keep the city ticking year round. Here’s just some of the important jobs they do:

  • Spring Cleaning: Public Works is behind the monthly solid-waste Pop-Up Drop-Offs, as well as the large item pickup by appointment system.
  • Summer Scootin': Electric dockless scooter companies operating in Louisville report their data to the Public Works Department to help inform future infrastructure + development.
  • Fall Colors: Each year, the Public Works Department helps dispose of LOU’s autumn leaves and past-their-prime Jack ‘o Lanterns.
  • Winter Wonderlands: Louisville’s snowplows cover over 3,000 lane miles each year and keep ~38,000 tons of salt on hand.