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The ultimate road trip to Covington

Hit the road and head to Covington, KY — we’re sharing all the details about what to do and eat, plus where to stay.

Two black and white framed photos and a black staircase.

Covington history lines the walls inside the Pickle Factory Boutique Hotel.

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Table of Contents

Itching to get out of town, Louisvillians? Skip those pesky airport security lines and jump in your car for a road trip to Covington, KY instead.

From shopping in Mainstrasse Village and exploring Devou Park to the hot pot at Riverside Korean Restaurant — we’re spilling all the details on how to have an unforgettable time in The Cov.

Essential info

Drive time: ~1.30 hours
Year city was established: 1815
Est. population: 41,057

German beer hall

Hofbräuhaus has been open for 20 years and servers wear traditional German garb.

Photo by LOUtoday


Covington Yard
Eat, drink, and hang out at this outdoor space outfitted with bright green turf, picnic tables, lawn chairs, and shipping containers filled with multiple food options. Check its event calendar before you visit. Dogs are welcome, too.

Earth to Kentucky
Shop for souvenirs at this local toy and art shop that carries everything from glow-in-the-dark finger monsters to vintage movie posters.

Devou Park
Take a hike, visit the 19th century Behringer-Crawford Museum, play disc golf, or rent a bike at this 700-acre park.

Mainstrasse Village
This walkable National Historic District is home to vibrant street art, the Goose Girl Fountain, a clock tower with a working glockenspiel, restaurants and bars, and local stores.

Hofbräuhaus Newport
Technically this German brewery and restaurant is in the neighboring city of Newport, but we think it’s worth the 10-minute drive considering it’s only one of six US locations for the Munich-based brand. You can try different kinds of Bavarian beer and dishes like würstl, spätzle, and schnitzel.

Seafood pancake

We recommend ordering the seafood pancake to start at Riverside Korean Restaurant.

Photo by LOUtoday


Riverside Korean Restaurant
Kick off your shoes for a traditional dining experience on the floor at this award-winning, authentic Korean restaurant. Every meal comes with a mix of sides like kimchi, pickled daikon, and marinated black beans. We recommend the seafood pancake to start and Bul Go Gi Jun hot pot to split.

avocado toast and goetta on a white plate

Locals say Otto’s has some of the best Goetta in town.

Photo by LOUtoday

Located in the heart of the Mainstrasse district, this Southern-inspired restaurant-meets-art gallery is known for its brunch, fried green tomatoes, and the city’s staple food, Goetta. Reservations are recommended.

This dive bar doesn’t just pour strong drinks and craft beer. It dishes out house-made pierogies and spundekas, nine kinds of sausages, and reuben sandos, too.

red and white restaurant booths

Dixie Chili offers retro, diner seating.

Photo by LOUtoday

Dixie Chili
You can’t get this close to Cincinnati, OH and not visit a chili parlor. Luckily, Covington has one of its own — Dixie Chili. The counter-service, 1950s-style diner was founded in 1929 and serves its chili six ways.

Pale blue and pink hotel room

The soda pop-themed room at the Pickle Factory pays homage to the 19th century Covington Bottling Works that the building use to house.

Photo by LOUtoday


The Pickle Boutique Factory
This whimsical hotel offers seven different themed rooms to choose from — like the soda pop studio and two-bedroom pickle-themed loft. It’s also walking distance to many attractions.

Decadent Luxury - Covington Condo
This stay, situated in the historic Licking Riverside neighborhood, resides in a larger mansion and includes a full kitchen and elegant decor.

Hilltop Manor
If you’re looking to stay in a home away from Hollywood, then this six-bedroom, Victorian mansion is your place. It features rooms dedicated to entertainment icons like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn.

Life is Good on the Globe
Located above The Globe cocktail bar, this one-bedroom condo is centrally located downtown and offers parking vouchers.

Hotel Covington
This award-winning hotel takes up two historical buildings and preserved its history, but added modern amenities. Plus, there are two restaurants and bars onsite.

Wait a minute, Louisvillian. Before you head out the door, find the cheapest places to fill up your gas tank and stock up on road trip snacks from The Bodega at Logan Street Market.

Also, bookmark this map so you have no trouble finding all of our recommendations while visiting The Cov.

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