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Breaking down our pizza bracket

We recently crowned a pizza champ — and y’all had things to say.

LOUtoday_pizza bracket

You voted and it turns out Danny Mac’s Pizza has the best ‘za in Louisville.

Image by LOUtoday

Winner winner pizza dinner. Last week, we tallied your votes and determined that Danny Mac’s Pizza has the best ‘za in Louisville.

A bunch of y’all had questions, so we thought we’d bring you a little bracket breakdown.

  • The challenge garnered a total of 2,681 votes through three rounds of cheesy fun.
  • Your initial submissions brought in 25 pizzeria nominations. Some of the spots that didn’t make it onto the bracket include bar Vetti, Goodfella’s, and Jake and Elwood’s, to name a few.
  • The biggest landslide came in round one, as Impellizzeri’s moved on with 641 votes, beating out the 288 votes for Sicilian Pizza & Pasta.
  • The closest race throughout the challenge was also in round one, between Pizza Lupo and Old School NY Pizza. The New York-style pizzeria got 429 votes, but Lupo moved on to the next round with 468 votes — just 39 more than Old School.
  • In the final face-off, Impellizzeri’s got 339 votes, with Danny Mac’s coming in for the win with 671.

Some of you slid into our DMs with your queries, while others took to making your thoughts public on Instagram. Here were some of the comments that made us LOL:

  • “I am now worried that Italy will sever diplomatic relations with the U.S.” (@aloush.foodie)
  • “LOL, I’m sorry but, people in this town wouldn’t know good pizza if it smacked them in the face.” (@papa_fish)
  • “People’s tastes are different from mine, which means they are inherently wrong and terrible human beings.” (@kikinthepants)

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the numbers don’t lie. Most of you agreed with the comment from @geron00: “Danny macs is the best.”
Congrats, Danny Mac’s. We’re thinking we’ll pop by later for some of that Hot Brown Pizza.

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