Angel’s Envy $8.2 million expansion in Louisville, KY

AE_BrandHome_Retail3 (1)

The Angel’s Envy expansion includes a larger retail space. | Photo by Angel’s Envy

Since late 2020, white and orange construction barriers have blocked a portion of Main Street in front of Angel’s Envy downtown. Today, the barriers have come down, which means the Louisville-based distillery’s $8.2 million expansion is complete.

The facility, located at 500 E. Main St., now has an additional 13,000 sqft of space + can accommodate 64,000 more visitors every year — doubling the annual guest capacity.


One of the new tasting rooms in the expansion. | Photo by Angel’s Envy

To celebrate this milestone, Angel’s Envy — known for its Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Wine Barrels — is inviting the public to an in-person visit via one of its signature tours to see the new additions.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Lager retail store
  • Five new tasting rooms
  • More bar space
  • An event space
  • Full catering kitchen
  • An area dedicated to it’s “Bottle Your Own” experience

And it gets neater.

While additions to the real world facility were taking place, construction of Angel’s Envy Brand Home in the metaverse was also underway.

Meta Distillery in Decentraland

Angel’s Envy Meta Distillery in Decentraland. | Image provided by Angel’s Envy


Angel’s Envy Meta Distillery will be the first-ever distillery in Bacardi Limited’s brand book to exist in Decentraland, a 3-D virtual reality world powered by Ethereum blockchain where users can purchase land to traverse, build on + monetize using cryptocurrency.

The Meta Distillery will launch on National Bourbon Day (Tues., June 14) and engage with bourbon drinkers worldwide. Old fashioned? No digital wallet or cryptocurrency is required. Users can enter as a guest.

Here’s what’s in the metaverse:

  • Play games like an ingredient quest to create cocktails
  • Learn distillery production tour and bourbon-making
  • Participate in a cocktail challenge
  • Proof of Attendance Protocol — aka a POAP token that keeps a record of life experiences in the metaverse
  • NFT wearable giveaways

The virtual experience will only be open through June 20, but tours, experiences, and private event bookings in the physical location are open year-round.