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3 new restaurants serving Asian fare

Louisville’s Asian food options are growing — and we are here for it.

noodle dish with sliced veggies in a white bowl

Neighbors Noodles offers a rotating menu of noodle dishes that will change with the seasons.

Photo by Neighbors Noodles

Hi, there. City Editor Lennie here. One of the hardest things about moving from Hawaii to Louisville was getting used to the food options. I’d always had easy access to chow fun, mandoo, and fried rice of every kind. Derby City’s Asian cuisine selections were much more limited than what I was used to — but a lot has changed over the past seven years.

Several new spots have since popped up, and I’m excited about what seems like a recent influx of Asian restaurants. Here are three that I’m particularly excited about.

🍜 Neighbors Noodles, 835 E. Main St.
Connected to chef Edward Lee’s recently opened Korean steakhouse, Nami, this noodle shop is currently open for dinner and carryout — but future plans include lunchtime service. There are noodle bowls, of course, but I’m most looking forward to the wings, which are available with teriyaki or gochujang sauce.

Asian food on plates, atop a restaurant menu

Neighbors Noodles serves more than just noodles — dumplings, edamame, and more are available, too.

Photo by Neighbors Noodles

🍜 Renshoku Ramen, 1161 S. 2nd St.
This Old Louisville dinner destination opened on Wednesday, July 12. In addition to four kinds of ramen, its menu features a selection of onigiri (rice balls) and karaage fried chicken, which is fried chicken that has been marinated in soy sauce and garlic + is served with mayo dipping sauce.

🍜 All Thai’d Up, 4812 Brownsboro Center
The first brick-and-mortar location of this food truck opened and closed in downtown LOU, but a new restaurant is slated to open later this month in the space formerly occupied by Gasthaus. I can’t wait to enjoy all the pad Thai and rice bowls in the Windy Hills spot.

white bowl filled with noodle dish

The pad Thai from All Thai’d Up boasts rice noodles, eggs, bean sprouts, chives, daikon, pad Thai sauce, and a choice of shrimp, tofu, pork, chicken, fish balls, or veggies.

Photo by All Thai’d Up

Asian fare not your thing? Here are three other restaurants I’m eager to try:

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