10 questions with Louisville’s Bri Bowers

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Bri Bowers | Photo by Leslie Rodriguez

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Artist and co-owner of Schnitzelburg’s Dainty Dame store, Bri Bowers, has always been known for her Louisville-centric watercolor illustrations of local businesses, but now she’s known for being the artist behind local-rapper and Grammy Award nominee, Jack Harlow’s, sold-out “No Place Like Home” tour artwork.

The two teamed up after he commented on her Instagram post showing her illustrations of Jack on a deck of cards. The illustrations she created to promote his hometown shows feature five iconic Derby City venues.

We asked Bri 10 questions about Louisville and her suggestions for local shopping. Keep reading to find out about her upcoming KMAC Couture 2022 project around its 10 year anniversary, which coincidentally also marks her tenth year of living in Louisville. Can you imagine 10 years of Louisville in just two looks?


Watercolor illustration of Bri Bowers. | Provided by Bri Bowers

Describe your perfect day in Louisville.

Taking my pup to PG&J’s Dog Park, playing card games, and having a nightcap at MerryWeather or Meta.

Name 3-5 other local leaders, influencers, or movers + shakers you’re watching.

Muralist Liz Richter, Spencer Jenkins at Queer Kentucky, portrait artist Susan Howe, Matt McDole, and Patrick Jilbert.

You can only choose one local restaurant menu to bring with you to a deserted island — which one is it and why?

Definitely Eiderdown.

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 2.39.13 PM

Watercolor print by Bri of the former Eiderdown restaurant in Germantown. | Provided by Bri Bowers

What were the last things you did locally?

I went to Barre3, had brunch at Gralehaus, did some Christmas shopping in NuLu, found my favorite Christmas beer from Old Town, and got dinner at Ramen House.

What’s your favorite part of town to illustrate?

Now that I’m very involved with the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council, I have to say Schnitzelburg.

What local gifts do you hope to get this year?

Any jewelry from Lackadazee, any of the collaborations Kathleen Lolley does with Kopilot Press every year like moon calendars and tea towels, and Bean Ccoffee.

What 3 local shops do you recommend for holiday shopping?

White’s Mercantile is really great because they have a kid’s area in the back and I’m about to be an aunt in January, so they have really cute kid’s gifts.

Surface Noise has a show right now. It’s a group show with three different women and Liz Morley, who works at my shop sometimes, has her work there. It’s a gallery, record and book store, so anything there is awesome to discover.

Then, I have to shout out Revelry because I worked there forever and all of my coworkers I used to work with are still there making and selling art, so I’m always buying what they’re making and bringing into the shop.

What’s something that every Louisvillian should know about?

How to pronounce the city would be the No.1 answer and then I’d say the Dainty.

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 2.41.36 PM

Watercolor print by Bri of the World Champion Dainty Festival played every year in Germantown. | Provided by Bri Bowers

What do you think Louisville will be known for in 10 years?

I hope that it’s known for what it feels like already. Like these weird pockets of local businesses and events that we’ll hopefully put on every year. I mean Jack obviously reps Louisville any way he can and I hope that people from other places will realize it’s more than just bourbon.

Any projects we should know about for 2022?

I took a year off from KMAC Couture, but this year they’re bringing back the live fashion show which I always do but it’s their 10 year anniversary and it’s also my tenth year living in Louisville, so I’m doing two looks and theme is loosely around ten, so I’m probably going to do looks around being in Louisville for 10 years.

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