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Let this Thai massage therapist walk all over you

Get the full body treatment.

woman standing behind the front desk at a spa

Barinda Pierce opened Lalai Day Spa in 2022.

Photo by LOUtoday

We typically wouldn’t suggest letting someone walk all over you — but at Lalai Day Spa, that might be exactly what you want.

The Middletown spa is owned and operated by Barinda Pierce, a Thai national + licensed massage therapist who specializes in Thai yoga massage. "[I’m] bringing all the knowledge, techniques, and modalities that I learned [in] Thailand,” she said.

Barinda’s business is currently a team of two. She handles all the massages, including traditional table methods + Thai massages on a floor mat. Melanie Boyer is a licensed esthetician offering chemical peels, brow tinting and waxing, lash lifting, dermaplaning + facials.

woman giving another person a Thai massage on a floor mat

Thai massage combines compression, acupressure + stretching.

Photo by LOUtoday

The duo’s services are offered by appointment only and focus on the client’s overall health + wellness.

"[Clients] rarely come in for relaxation,” Barinda said. “They usually just want to push their reset button.”

Per request, Barinda will also provide massages with her feet, stepping across a client’s body while using bars on the ceiling for support. “I walk on their legs, their back, and their glutes,” she explained. “I work on meridian lines, [which are] like the lifelines that power the whole body.”

woman walking on another person on a massage table

Walking across clients’ bodies helps Barinda give them a deeper massage.

Photo by LOUtoday

Through every service — whether it’s a massage with Barinda or a facial with Melanie — there’s an aromatherapy blend of cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, rosemary + lavender softly permeating the space. It’s meant to not only cleanse the air, but help guests relax upon arrival. After all, “lalai” means “melt” in Thai.

“When you come to Lalai,” Barinda said, “you will melt ... and you’ll walk out a different person.”

Book an appointment online or by texting 502-553-3218.

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