4 roadside attractions near Louisville, KY


World’s largest pocket knife in Radcliff, KY. | Photo by LOUtoday

Buckle up, Louisvillians. We’re going on a mini-road trip to see four roadside attractions less than 90 miles from our 502 epicenter.

Our travel time? A five-minute read to tempt your future roadtripping spirit. Oh, and don’t forget the snacks. Be sure to pack the car with Louisville Vegan Jerky + plenty of Phocus water to keep those eyes peeled and on the road until our final destination.


Kentucky Stonehenge in Munfordville, KY. | Photo by LOUtoday

📍 Kentucky Stonehenge

Location: 201 Lynn Ave., Munfordville, KY — 76 miles from LOU

Just a stone’s throw off of I-65 S, Exit 65 is a replica of the world famous prehistoric monument, Stonehenge.

Recreated using hefty rocks found in the nearby acres of Hatcher Valley, Munfordville native Chester Fryer invites the world to gaze — for free — upon his little slice of ancient history. In addition to the KY Stonehenge, you can also see his other giant rock displays around the property.


Dinosaur World T-Rex off of Exit 53. | Photo by LOUtoday

📍 Giant T-Rex

Location: Exit 53 before Dinosaur World, Cave City, KY — 87 miles from LOU

It’s not an illusion. Prehistoric life looms over Exit 53 off of I-65 S and also serves as a larger-than-life ad for his home, Dinosaur World down the road. The outdoor museum has 100+ more dinos for viewing.

📍 World’s Largest Pocket Knife

Location: Redhill Cutlery, 92 Bourbon Trace, Radcliff, KY — 46 miles from LOU

Aptly located in the “Knife Capital of Kentucky” at a family-owned cutlery business, this giant pocket knife weighs in at 6,200 lbs. and has a blade length of 17+ feet. In 2019, it was officially declared to be the largest in the world by the Guinness World Records.


12-ft sausage roll in Simpsonville, KY. | Photo by LOUtoday

📍 World’s Largest Roll of Sausage

Location: Purnell FB Sausage Co In, 6931 Simpsonville, KY — 23 miles from LOU

Slow your roll breakfast enthusiasts, you can’t take a bite out of this sausage, but you can snap a photo on it. This 12-ft long sausage roll — complete with a mock sausage stuffer — is the sign for the processing facility behind it.

Bonus: If you do get hungry feasting your eyes upon this roadside oddity, Claudia Sanders Dinner House (located in the former home of Colonel Sanders) is less than four miles down the road.

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