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Report: Best time to sell a Louisville-area home

Housing market conditions reach an ideal balance for sellers at different times nationally vs. locally, according to

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According to, housing prices reached record highs in 2022.

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Timing is everything — and if the phrase applies to anything, it’s selling a home. released its Best Time to Sell report, which offers crucial insights into one aspect of an often complicated process. There are lots of components to consider, but carefully choosing when to sell might make for a speedier process and more money.

Nationally, the best time to sell a home in 2023 is the week of April 16. But in the Louisville metro area, the window starts earlier — we’re talking this week.

Local listing prices are expected to increase more than 12.1% (versus the start of the year) and compared to an average week, properties will see a 30.7% increase in views.

Still, advises homeowners to make sure their properties look their best and are up to date on routine maintenance before putting up that “for sale” sign.

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