Mayor Craig Greenberg declares Severe Weather Awareness Week

Tornado season is here, and it’s time to prepare.

Louisville Skyline

March 1-7 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Louisville.

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Windy weather really blows, but the warning sirens of yesterday’s tornado drill were a good reminder to get prepped for possible storms.

Did you know there are 96 recorded historical tornado events with a magnitude of two or higher in or near Louisville? Mayor Craig Greenberg declared March 1-7 as Severe Weather Awareness Week, which means it’s time to ready your homes and families for potential emergencies.

Here a few ways to get started:

🌪️ Sign up for LENSAlert to make sure you get notifications about severe weather events and other emergencies. You can fill out an online form, text “LENSAlert” to 67283, or download the SMART911 app.

🌪️ Designate a tornado sheltering area in your home, and make sure everyone in the household knows where it is. Basements are ideal, but if that’s not an option, choose an interior room on the lowest level that’s away from windows — like a bathroom, closet, or other enclosed space.

🌪️ Remember: An outdoor siren means if you’re outside, you need to get inside immediately. Once indoors, turn on a TV or radio to get updated weather info. For more details about warning sirens, check out this FAQ page from the National Weather Service.

🌪️ If you’re caught outdoors during a tornado warning and can’t get to shelter quickly, lie flat in a ditch or depression, and cover your head with your hands. Try to pick a place where there’s less potential for flooding.

🌪️ If you don’t already have a weather alert radio, get one. They automatically transmit severe weather watches and warnings 24/7.

Louisville Metro Emergency Services and the National Weather Service will be sharing more safety tips on their Facebook pages all week long. Follow them to learn more about tornadoes, lightning, hail, wind, and floods.

To help those affected by the Mayfield tornado of December 2021, make a donation to The Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.

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