Growing Louisville beverage company makes big moves

Congo LLC is undergoing an $8.25 million relocation and expansion for brands like Alani Nu + more.

Canned energy drink

Congo LLC was founded in 2014 and currently includes three beverage brands, one of which is Alani Nu.

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Congo LLC is undergoing an $8.25 million relocation and expansion. The beverage firm works with brands like Prime Hydration; 3D Energy Drink; and Alani Nu, the Louisville-based supplement company known for its zero-sugar energy drinks.

The company’s Louisville headquarters will move from its 18,000-sqft facility at 7201 Intermodal Dr. to an existing 110,000-sqft space at 13551 Triton Park Blvd. in the East End.

A 10-year incentive agreement between Congo LLC and the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority’s Kentucky Business Investment program is slated to provide up to $7.5 million in tax incentives based on the company’s investment of $8.25 million, as well as:

  • The creation and maintenance of 500 Kentucky-resident, full-time jobs over 10 years
  • An average hourly wage of $49.80 across those jobs

Find Alani Nu, 3D Energy Drink, or Prime Hydration near you.

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