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FieriCon is taking Louisvillians to Flavortown

Holy moly, Stromboli!

a group of people dressed like Guy Fieri in flame shirts and spiked hair sit around a table at a bar.

The 2023 FieriCon will kick off at Logan Street Market.

Photo by @fieri_con_lou

Last September, around 65 people buttoned up their patterned bowling shirts and slid on wraparound sunglasses for the first-ever FieriCon Louisville, a cosplay pub crawl dedicated to the rambunctious Food Network star.

This Saturday, Aug. 26, FieriCon is taking the Germantown, Schnitzelburg + Shelby Park areas back to Flavortown by popular demand.

While FieriCons have been popping up across the US since 2016, Louisville’s chapter is just heating up. After sharing a mutual love for Guy Fieri’s TV shows in college, founders Andrew Cieslewicz and Brad Bauer decided to launch the Derby City version last year.


FieriCon Co-founder Andrew Cieslewicz is prepping for the road rockin’ trip down to Flavortown.

Photo by @fieri_con_lou

“We were very overwhelmed and surprised at our first stop at Falls City last year where we saw Ubers of Guy Fieris getting out and walking in,” said Andrew. “We were just thrilled — and people kept asking us if we were doing it again this year, so here we are again in 2023.”

There are six stops on the foodie agenda this Saturday that will have food and drink specials available for purchase to accompany those bleach-blonde hairdos, of course.

“We’re still working out specific menu items, but Atrium [Brewing] will have a Guy-themed slushie for the day, and The Merryweather is working on a few cocktails,” Andrew said.

The crawl starts at 2 p.m. at Logan Street Market, but attendees can hop on the gravy train at any point during the day.


Last year, they really wanted someone to dress up as a hot dog, but that glizzy dream never came true. We’re hoping that changes this go around.

Photo by @fieri_con_lou

Anyone sporting a costume will receive a swag bag. “The standard is definitely the visor or headband with spiked hair accompanied by a bowling shirt,” Andrew said. “But we encourage anything that’s food themed.”

FieriCon is a free event to attend, but donations to Louisville nonprofit Love The Hungry are encouraged.