2023 Kentucky State Fair by the numbers

We couldn’t get an exact number of corn dogs sold, but trust us — it’s a lot.

Man in a black shirt holding a corn dog at arms length in front of a red and white striped food vendor booth.

There are 50+ food vendors at the fair and new this year is Kissel Entertainment’s Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Corndog.

Photo by LOUtoday

Since 1956, the Kentucky State Fair has transformed the Kentucky Exposition Center into a giant hub of culture — and corn dogs, of course.

So with the sweet smell of funnel cakes looming in the air and trailers of livestock rolling in, we thought we’d provide a numerical snapshot at the annual event and what’s new this year.

One day until the fair
The Kentucky State Fair’s opening ceremony is tomorrow, Aug. 17 at 10:15 a.m. and will mark the 119th anniversary. The fair will continue daily at 10 a.m. until Sunday, Aug. 27. Admission is $10 and includes parking.

Horses with carts in an indoor green field surrounded by people.

Horses in the championship show compete in nine different divisions — like the Hackney/Harness Ponies seen here.

Photo by Linda Doane

2,000+ Saddlebred horses
The World’s Championship Horse Show inside Freedom Hall begins on Saturday, Aug. 19 and promises more than $1 million in awards to competitors. Tickets are sold separately for each show during the eight-day event and range $7-$10.

Country hams with purple ribbons.

See prized country hams that will be sold during the Country Ham Breakfast and Auction — some for millions of dollars — in the indoor exhibit halls.

Photo by LOUtoday

Four indoor exhibit areas
The South and North wings + East and West halls house the fair’s familiar competitive entries, education and health exhibitions, food vendors, and shops.

$13.6 million estimated economic impact
Based on data from 2022, the fair’s projected economic impact to Kentucky is over $13 million.

Man balancing on a motorcycle on a tight rope.

The fair offers 75+ free daily attractions and shows.

Photo by Linda Doane

Eight new events
Here’s a breakdown of new shows + activities:

  • Cirque Zuma Zuma — African-style circus
  • U.S. Army Special Operations — parachute and flight simulators
  • Plant Guy — strolling show with an interactive plant
  • Ice Cream Show — performance with magic tricks + juggling
  • Kentucky State Civics Bee — competition where kids use civics to solve community problems
  • Beerfest — one-day event with beer samples; additional ticket required
  • Kentucky Auctioneers Association State Contest — auctioneers compete during a live auction
  • Latin Fest — one-day event with Latin music

10 free concerts
Rain or shine, these artists are taking the stage during the free Texas Roadhouse Concert Series.