The St. James Court Art Show is the best in the US

This fall art show in Derby City ranked No. 1 on Sunshine Artist magazine’s “200 Best.”

Water fountain with a wrought iron fence.

This year marks the 67th annual St. James Court Art Show.

Photo provided by St. James Court Art Show

Good, better, best. St. James never rests.

Every October, the St. James Court Art Show transforms Old Louisville into an outdoor art gallery — and according to Sunshine Artist, it’s the best fine art and design show in the country.

While we already know our autumn tradition — colloquially known as “St. James” — has been the best since 1957, the magazine’s “200 Best” list backs up our claim to St. Fame.

Man wearing colorful beaded necklaces and a red top hat stands in front of paintings.

The juried art show features over 600 artists from around the US.

Photo by St. James Court Art Show

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Sunshine Artist’s art show rankings are based on the revenue reported by attending artists from across the US.

It uses revenue as the deciding factor because it’s the most objective way to look at an art show’s future success versus subjective data, like artist treatment, attendance levels, and management.

St. James draws in roughly 250K people annually over the course of three days and has an ~$5 million impact on Derby City every year. The 2023 art show will take place from Friday, Oct. 6 to Sunday, Oct. 8.

LOUtoday_St James

The art show sets up among Old Louisville’s famous collection of Victorian homes.

Photo by St. James Court Art Fair

“The credit for this wonderful honor goes to the team that makes this art show a success,” said Howard Rosenberg, the show’s director. “We never think about rankings. It’s about being the best we can be and improving every year.”

Landing the No. 1 spot for best art show isn’t St. James’ first time in the awards arena, either. Here’s a list of other accolades its racked up through the years.

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