Carson Pickett is at home in LOU

The Racing Louisville FC defender signed on through 2025.

Carson Pickett, Racing Louisville FC

Carson Pickett made her U.S. Women’s National Team debut in June 2022.

Photo courtesy of Racing Louisville FC

Here’s what we know about defender Carson Pickett: She was the first person with a limb difference to play on the US Women’s National Team, she recently signed a three-year contract with Racing Louisville FC, and she loves LOU.

Formerly with the North Carolina Courage, Carson announced her move to the Derby City team back in January, citing her excitement to meet the fans and be part of the culture that Racing Louisville has created. We got excited, too. And fortunately, we had the opportunity to connect with Carson after the team’s preseason opener against the Portland Thorns last week.

She says her top priority in town — after soccer, of course — is getting her caffeine and sugar fix. “I love coffee shops and bakeries,” she says. “It’s one of my favorite things. I have now been to most of the bakeries and donut shops.”

Carson adds that chilly weather has prevented most outdoor excursions, but she’s looking forward to experiencing all that LOU’s parks have to offer as soon as we see a bit more sun. We’re sure spring will bring some warmth; the equinox also means the start of Racing Louisville’s season is coming up quick. The team’s first game is on Sunday, March 26 in Houston. Thanks to a change of heart Carson had many years ago, we can count on her being there.

Carson Pickett, Racing Louisville defender

Carson Pickett was the first first person with a limb difference to play on the US Women’s National Team.

Photo courtesy of Racing Louisville FC

“Tennis was my best sport back in the day,” she says. “I think having one hand, that would probably shock a lot of people. But I loved it … and it was definitely my favorite sport growing up.”

We can’t wait to see her play at Racing Louisville’s first home game on Saturday, April 1 against the Washington Spirit. We’ll see you on the field, #16. ⚽

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