The smartest farm in Kentucky

Square Roots opened its fourth and most advanced tech-based farm in Shepherdsville, KY.

White shipping containers stacked on top of each other.

Square Roots hires locals to work at each of its four farm locations in the US.

Photo via Square Roots

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Square Roots can grow basil in 26.

The indoor, hydroponic farming company opened its first Kentucky location in Shepherdsville on the Gordon Food Services (GFS) campus yesterday — thanks to its direct partnership with the food distribution business.

Black trays growing green and purple microgreens

Produce is grown in individual shipping containers called grow zones.

Photo by LOUtoday

The 15,000-sqft facility, made up of 20 climate-controlled shipping containers called grow zones, produces herbs, microgreens, and lettuces year round. All these products will be available to surrounding communities, including Louisville.

A person wearing blue gloves holding a plastic container of lettuces.

Spring salad mix, arugula blends, and single packaged herbs are a few of the products Square Roots produces.

Photo by LOUtoday

The new farm is Square Roots’ most advanced yet. Using its smart-farm technology, the company can create multiple climates within the facility which can all be controlled via a phone app. Plus, its modular design allows it to use less land and water than conventional farms.

Once plants reach maturity, Square Roots packages the green goods which will be distributed by GFS to restaurants and businesses. You can find Square Roots herbs + salad mixes at 7+ Derby City stores.

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