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Best pizza crust in Louisville, KY

We could have a hearty debate about the best pizza in Derby City all day, but when it comes down to it, and we mean the very bottom layer, the dough is sometimes the deciding factor in what makes a good pizza great.

So today we’re talking about the beginning of all pies, the one layer you have to count on: the pizza crust.

Sure, it depends on the style — New York, brick oven, square cut, deep dish, and so on — but we wanted to find out the ultimate crusts around town according to you.

And to find out who you all thought took the cake (or should we say crust), we surveyed y’all for a whole week in a couple of our newsletters to find out the knead-to-know eateries with the best pizza crust.

Here are the top 3 + a few honorable mentions:


You can pizzas from Pizza Lupo everyday from 5-10 p.m. | Photo by @louisvillefoodlife

1️⃣ Pizza Lupo, 1540 Frankfort Ave.

Nearly 20 people wrote in raving about this wood-fired, Neapolitan pizzeria’s sourdough crust in Butchertown + even Lupo’s Executive Chef Max Balliet shared the process behind it.

According to Max, the dough is an overnight sourdough that’s room-temp fermented, wood-fired, and hand-stretched to order.

“It consists of nothing but flour, water, and salt. It’s an entire seven-days-a-week ritual that takes a team of incredible chefs to achieve, and when it’s noticed it means the world to us,” he said.

2️⃣ The Post, 1045 Goss Ave.

In second place — with nine votes — is Germantown’s New York-style pizza joint, The Post, known for its late-night giant slices. Reader Jessica S. claims this spot has an “excellent sauce full of flavor, beautiful crust with perfect rise, and sausage that’s the real thing.”


Snag a slice from The Post until 12 a.m. any day of the week. | Photo by @mydailybourbon

3️⃣ Coal’s Artisan Pizzas, 3730 Frankfort Ave. + 11615 Shelbyville Rd. Ste. 106

This artisan, coal-fired pizza shop was recommended by eight different readers — including Glenn R. who said, “If you love thin and crispy this is the crust for you.”

Honorable mentions:

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