Louisville’s craziest ice cream

Photo by Hip Hop Sweet Shop

Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are the crown jewels of any ice cream shop. While we love a classic dip or swirl of these usual suspects (especially from Dairy Del or Dairy Kastle), we’re looking to up the ante this summer when it comes to flavor.

So we’ve decided to get the scoop on five of the most over-the-top frozen treats in the 502.

Strawberry cheesecake milkshake from Hip Hop Sweet Shop. | Photo by Hip Hop Sweet Shop

🍨 Diddy’s Cheesecake Shakes, Hip Hop Sweet Shop, 1805 W. Jefferson St. Ste. 2 

You’ll be blasting “I’ll Be Missing You,” and shedding a milky tear after you’re done with this behemoth of a milkshake. There are three flavors to choose from — cookies and cream, red velvet + turtle — each topped with a slice of cheesecake. A whole slice of cheesecake! 

Cost: $15 

🍨 Mangonada, Panchitos Ice Cream & Taqueria, 2245 Bardstown Rd. 

We’re sherbet about this one. Available in sizes small to large, the Mangonada is packed with mango sorbet then topped with chamoy (a sweet Mexican sauce), Tajin, mango chunks + a tamarind candy stick

Cost: $3.50-$7

Pair your Mangonada with a torta or tostada also on the menu. | Photo by @boujiebites_

🍨 Andrew’s Favorite (A Fav), Liège & Dairy Ice Cream + Waffles, 2212 Holiday Manor Center 

Named after the owner of this small-batch ice cream and European street waffle hub, this towering treat starts with a waffle base and is stacked with Motherload ice cream (made with Oreos, cookie dough, brownies, and chocolate chips), Oreo cookie butter, honey whipped cream + hot fudge. 

Cost: $13.75

🍨 Banana Pudding Sundae, Louisville Cream, 632 E. Market St. 

This NuLu ice cream shop’s banana pudding flavor was named the best ice cream in Kentucky in 2021 by Food Network, so it only seems logical to scoop this bad boy onto a split banana. This hefty sundae is also finished with Louisville Cream’s famous torched marshmallow

Cost: $12

The banana pudding sundae is great for splitting. | Photo by Allison F.

🍨 Avocado Milkshake, Vietnam Kitchen, 5339 Mitscher Ave.  

This creamy, pastel green beauty is a little-known must-try at Louisville’s beloved Vietnam Kitchen. It’s made with four simple ingredients — avocados (which are considered a single-seeded berry), sugar, milk + ice. Try it as an appetizer or dessert. 

Cost: $5.50

And with that, consider yourself sundae schooled.