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Ultimate guide to donuts in Derby City

We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

Box full of various donuts in front of a yellow building.

Nothing beats a box full of donuts on a sunny morning.

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Louisvillians, we’re pleased to tell you that June 2 is National Donut Day, which actually is observed twice in the US — once on the first Friday of June and again on Nov. 5.

So that you can plan to celebrate this foodie holiday appropriately, we’ve written a hole guide to donuts in Derby City. Read on for 9 places to get your fill, — or no fill, if that’s your jam.

Donuts with a coffee cup.

Our go-to custard-style donut is the lechecilla donuts from La Pana Bakery y Cafe at Logan Street Market.

Photo by LOUtoday

🍩 Custard

La Pana Bakery y Cafe, 1001 Logan St.

If you’re looking for a custard treat off the beaten path, try this Oaxacan-inspired micro bakery’s lechecilla donut, which are cinnamon-sugar coated donuts filled with Oaxacan vanilla custard.

Drink pairing: Try it with the cortado on the menu — iced or hot.

🍩 Vegan

The Flour Shoppe, 619 Baxter Ave.

Erin Tachi and Ashley Bender — previously of Sugar High Louisville and Julian’s Kitchen — are bring a plethora of baked goods to The Flour Shoppe, four days a week, with donuts on Sundays.

A variety of donuts in a box.

Julian’s Kitchen specializes in vegan donuts.

🍩 Square

North Lime Coffee and Donuts, Multiple locations
The square yeast donutsplain glazed or chocolate iced — are what put this regional chain on the map, so you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t try one in addition to its other specialty treats, like the funnel cake donut.

Drink pairing: Dip your donut in the Night Owl espresso drink made with half and half and shaken to frothy perfection.

🍩 Twist

Plehn’s Bakery, 3940 Shelbyville Rd.
Reader Eric W. wrote in to tell us about “the best doughnut on earth” — the yum yums from this St. Matthews bakery. It’s a cinnamon twist with white and chocolate glaze and Eric insists you need to know about it.

Our pick: The pretzel donut

🍩 Dessert-style

Sugar & Spice, 5613 Bardstown Rd.
Sugar, spice, and order everything twice at this Fern Creek shop with 30+ varieties of donuts in flavors like banana cream pie, turtle sundae, chocolate oreo cheesecake, and more.

Our pick: Don’t sleep on the chocolate peanut butter cake

🍩 24-hour

Jeff’s Donuts, Multiple locations
While owners Jeff Brown + Diana Green’s goal is to make donuts available for second and third-shift workers, their 24/7 model benefits us all. This bakery is serving up classics, bismarks + Texas-sized donuts. Reader Kathy F. said Jeff’s Donuts is the cat’s meow, especially at about 3 a.m.

Our pick: Glaze donut with custard topped with almond slices

🍩 Classic

When we say classic, we’re talking long johns, sprinkles, glazed, and chocolate iced.

Clifton Donut Shop, 2317 Brownsboro Rd.
Start your morning at this bakery that won Best Chocolate, Best Glazed + Baker’s Choice in the Star Duck Charities’ 2021 Doughnut Challenge.

Our pick: Classic pink with sprinkles

Nord’s Bakery, 2118 S. Preston St.
Home of the maple bacon long john donut with an entire piece of bacon on top, this St. Joseph neighborhood bakery usually has a line out of the door on the weekends, so get there early.

Drink pairing: Snag a local coffee from Sunergos next door.

Heitzman Traditional Bakery and Deli, 9426 Shelbyville Rd.
This bakery has been in Louisville for 130+ years and offers a selection of sweets, including assorted donuts in all the familiar flavors.

Our pick: Classic long john

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